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A few weeks ago, I talked to a reporter at my local paper. She had found out how I was spending my time during quarantine and wanted to ask me more about it. (Apparently, it was nice to do a story that didn’t have anything to do with politics or a pandemic.) Much to my surprise, her article was on the front page the following week! No big deal, I thought, it’s just a local paper.

Anyway, the Associated Press picked it up, and my parents found my face and picture all over the place! Papers from Wisconsin, West Virginia, and even national outlets were telling the story of me and my dad and Carl. It’s both awkward and cool to have my story out there like this. But, I’m trying to grow out of my introverted bubble and appreciate the fact that there are so many people who want to encourage me.

You can read U.S. News and World Report‘s reprinting of the story. The reporter did a very nice job with the article, and I am sincerely honored that she found my story worth telling.