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I won’t be spending much time in the garage this weekend because I have been cast in my first play, and tonight is opening night! I am not one to beg for attention or go and talk in front of a lot of people, but all of my friends do theater. In order to spend more time with them, I auditioned for Frozen Jr., and much to my surprise, I got cast. We have been rehearsing every weekend for about two months and I have loved stretching myself and taking myself out of my comfort zone.

In the play I am performing the roles of the Cook and a Storyteller, which are really good roles for someone’s first show. I even get to wear a microphone for a little bit. It feels good to be recognized for other talent that I have, like singing and acting. I have been having a lot of fun doing that and am really proud that I get to be a part of this great production.

To my fellow castmates – I hope you all break a leg tonight! Who’s it for?