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In honor of Valentine’s Day, I decided to write about why I chose to name my car Carl. There were two main reasons why I chose this name, the main one being the fact that one of my favorite movies is Up. Now this makes since if you have see the movie, but if you haven’t seen it, you should know that the main couple in the movie are named Carl and Ellie. In the movie Carl and Ellie wanted to travel the world and have adventures together. Their catchphrase was “Adventure is out there,” and I want to have adventures out there with my own Carl. It makes me happy to think that I could work hard and eventually have a car that I could go on all kind of adventures with.

The other reasons I named my car Carl was because in the movie, Carl was old and kind of crotchety which seemed right for my car. At almost  years old, there’s no denying that my car is older than most and needs a lot of work, but after I am done, he will be reliable and able to take me safely everywhere I need to go.

I love my car so much and can’t wait to see not only the adventures that we go on together, but also the hard work of making each other better. Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope that today you can spend it with someone or something you love, now I am going to spend today with Carl.